When the work you do moves your heart

Sometime corporate videos can be a little dry and mundane – it can be hard to find your creative flair.  Other times, you end up welling up during an interview and spending extra hours on colour, movement, music, getting lost in the story. This was one of those projects I will never forget.

The purpose of our Celebrating Life Digital Campaign is help raise awareness about the importance of early CPR and defibrillation. For the month of October, St John WA celebrated resuscitation success stories that highlighted the value of knowing basic first aid. By sharing these incredible stories, St John WA aims to encourage the WA community to learn first aid and to be aware of where their nearest defibrillator is.

Con Paioff, a 55 year-old Perth dad collapsed in his home and became unresponsive; he was suffering from a cardiac arrest. He was healthy, fit and had no signs or symptoms. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of his children Jordana and Alex, Con wouldn’t be here today. Con’s kids performed CPR for a total of 12 minutes until the St John WA Paramedics arrived.

Silver Lining & Co were contracted to spend a day with the Paioff family at their home where Con’s cardiac arrest took place, interviewing the family and revisiting the events that took place. The 000 call audio was available for the family to listen to, as well as a reunion with the paramedics and communications officer, Christine. It was an emotional and powerful day for the crew and team at Silver Lining & Co.

Once the camera stopped rolling, we enjoyed Turkish coffee around the family dinner table and shared stories. Learn basic first aid and CPR, check in with your loved ones and live life to the fullest. It’s rare you finish a day’s work and need to give yourself a reality check of just how blessed you are. We loved producing this wonderful story and the results across St John WA’s social channels speak for themselves.

Check out the video here

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