Podcasts are a powerful medium to engage, entertain and educate

Embark on a journey of storytelling excellence in the ever-evolving podcasting landscape with Silver Lining & Co. We specialize in crafting compelling audio experiences that bring your stories and topics to life, capturing the essence of authenticity and connection.

With a distinguished track record of producing podcasts recognized as finalists and winners at the Australian Podcast Awards, we bring a wealth of experience and creativity to every project. Our seasoned team comprises passionate producers, skilled sound recordists, equipment specialists, meticulous editors, and media training professionals—all dedicated to amplifying your narrative and ensuring it resonates authentically with your audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster looking to enhance your content or venturing into podcasting for the first time, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs. From concept development to distribution, we can take care of the entire production process, allowing you to focus on crafting meaningful stories.

Join the ranks of award-winning podcasts. Contact Silver Lining & Co today to explore how we can help you produce a standout podcast that amplifies your message and connects with your audience.

The Silver Lining Experience

Podcast Training

Build your podcasting skills with personalized training tailored to your needs. From mastering interview techniques to understanding podcast etiquette, we equip you with the tools to confidently host and produce compelling content.

Equipment Expertise

Navigating podcasting equipment can be daunting. Let our experts guide you in selecting the right gear and setup for your needs. Whether you’re recording from a studio or remotely, we ensure your audio quality meets professional standards.

Production Excellence

Trust our seasoned team to handle every aspect of production, from recording sessions to post-production editing. Our producers and sound recordists capture your story with clarity and creativity, while our skilled editors polish each episode to perfection.

Post-Production Mastery

Experience seamless post-production with our dedicated editors. We enhance your episodes with music, sound effects, and stings to elevate your podcast’s branding and engagement.

Copywriting and Promotion

Maximize your podcast’s reach with captivating copywriting. We craft compelling show notes, press releases, and social media content to promote your episodes and attract listeners.

Scaling and Distribution

Leave the logistics to us. We manage scheduling and ensure your podcast is distributed across leading platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, leveraging our expertise to maximize visibility and impact.

Podcast Production Portfolio

Little People, Big C

Little People, Big C, the podcast shining a light on the world of childhood cancer, brought to you by The Child Cancer Research Foundation. They’re the stories of courage and strength as told by Australian families, as they look back on their battle with childhood cancer and into the future.

What To Expect When You’re Injecting

What To Expect When You’re Injecting takes listeners on a journey through the world of infertility, sharing stories from men and women, as well as her own. Nothing is off limits in this uncensored podcast, as the Australian media identity explores the highs and lows of infertility.

Goddess Era with Dr Lucy Caratti

Join Dr. Caratti at the helm as she navigates the intricacies of menopause with grace and insight, reframing it as a transition into a new phase of self-discovery and empowerment.In each episode, “Goddess Era” invites experts and individuals with lived experiences to share their journeys and insights into menopause.

Elevate Your Storytelling Experience

Discover the podcasts that have benefited from Silver Lining & Co’s expertise. We’ve produced multiple series of well-known Australian podcasts with a wide global listener base, ranging from captivating storytelling to insightful interviews and thought-provoking discussions. Whether it’s handling full production or providing expert editing and distribution services, our work consistently receives praise for its polished and epic sound.

Join our network of standout podcasts and experience the difference with Silver Lining & Co. From enhancing audio quality to amplifying your message, we’re dedicated to creating engaging content that resonates with audiences worldwide. Let us elevate your podcasting journey and help you reach new heights of success.

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“You just need one person to listen, get your message, and pass it on to someone else. And you’ve doubled your audience”
Robert Gerrish


Cassie has been an incredible support and source of information in the production of my podcast. Not having any knowledge in this area myself, Cassie stepped me through the process from the beginning to end, from the first idea of the podcast, to what podcast equipment to invest in to maximise sound production, to the creation of the sound and feel of the podcast, and finally to the editing, producing and publishing each episode herself. Her feedback is always productive and welcomed and she has always listened to my thoughts and feedback, ensuring the podcast still feels genuinely me. It has been an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend working with Cassie, and recommend you do too!

Dr Lucy Caratti, Goddess Era.


As an organisation that works in the child cancer space, it's vital we tell compassionate stories with kindness that engage our audience. We would not trust anyone else with our storytelling besides Silver Lining & Co.

Kylie Dalton, COO, Child Cancer Research Foundation.