“She has a unique way of mixing humour with her journalistic seriousness”

Working with Seven West Media, for many years as a journalist with Today Tonight, Cassie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to engaging an audience. From live crosses to Telethon appearances, she was also an integral part of the WAFL commentary team, as the boundary rider. Her TV skills have seen her win many awards in television journalism including the Charmaine Dragun Memorial Award, for her stories on WA youth. A natural in front of the camera, Cassie can work to a script or off the cuff. Her natural ability to tell stories on paper is matched by her energetic, charismatic and creative presentation style.

Great media trainers come from the ranks of great reporters (and Silver Lining and Co founder Cassie Silver is no exception). However, it takes more than reporting experience to provide effective media coaching. As a corporate executive, business owner and the face of your company, it will be helpful for you to know or at least to have a basic understanding of how the media works. Our media training workshops will give you tremendous confidence when facing media interviews, allowing you to deliver your key messages with ease.  

“Cassie has a unique ability to capture the audience, her clear and powerful delivery of communication, with a wonderful sense of humour, enables her to connect with an audience in any setting.”


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