“In high heels or bare feet… she doesn’t do anything by halves.”

Cassie has excelled in the industry over the past decade, as an accomplished award-winning television journalist with a passion for people, media and communications. She has a unique ability to use a variety of media platforms to plan, produce and promote creative ideas. It’s not only her experience as a competent writer, producer, editor and presenter that makes her an asset to the industry; it’s an exceptional level of versatility and creativity she exudes with every role. Cassie’s flair for writing, producing and presenting makes her a triple threat in Perth. A great networker in Perth, Cassie has acquired an eclectic list of contacts over the years that she can turn to when necessary.

“She builds strong and long lasting relationships, prepares for every job the same whether big or small and brings a cheeky smile to the role! She is happy to go the extra mile for clients which is why they hire her over and over again”